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Trail Running

Trail Running
Trail running is a relaxing and beneficial exercise, yet it is necessary for runners to replenish water during their runs. Carrying water in a comfortable way is important as it is often unlikely to find a safe water source en route. 

Soft flasks, silicone water bottles, and water bladders are all wonderful choices. All these water containers are environmentally friendly, free of chamicals like BPA, reusable, and recycble. 

A soft flask is a collapsible water bottle made of TPU body with a silicone bite valve and (possibly) a straw. It condenses and takes up less space as runners drink without sloshing or water bouncing. 

A silicone water bottle is useful not only in running but also traveling, hiking, etc. These bottles vary in sizes and shapes, but they share the similarity of being able to be flattened or rolled up to take up much less space and placed in the users' backpacks.

A water bladder or a hydration bladder is used to store a large amount of water when running. It is equipped with a long hose and a mouthpiece so that runners can drink water easily during running. It is also stored on runner's back so as to free space in the front pockets.

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Choose a design from our different models, or send us your own design if you wish. OEM and ODM are both welcome.
We offer various packaging options. Examples include PE bag, PVC bag, plastic box, paper box, etc.
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