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15L PVC Open Water Swim Buoy with Storage

15L PVC Open Water Swim Buoy with Storage

15L PVC Open Water Swim Buoy with Storage
15L PVC Open Water Swim Buoy with Storage15L PVC Open Water Swim Buoy with Storage15L PVC Open Water Swim Buoy with Storage15L PVC Open Water Swim Buoy with Storage15L PVC Open Water Swim Buoy with Storage
CategoriesSwim Buoy
Material0.35mm 210T Nylon with 0.28mm PVC film
Dimension (inflated)47cm x 27cm x 24cm
Storage Capacity9kg
Net Weight640g
Update TimeJun 19,2024
Detail Information

What is a swim buoy?

A swim buoy is a floating bag required in open water swimming to aid the safety of swimmers. Its high visibility makes swimmers detectable by
coming traffic and positionable when in need of rescue. Its buoyancy gives swimmers a hand to float and take a rest. What's more, most swim buoys also provide a storage part (a dry bag) to compensate for the lack of lockers in the open water swimming.
Product Name
15L PVC Open Water Swim Buoy with Storage Bag
0.35mm PVC 
25cm x 60cm (tiled)
40cm x 19cm x 14cm (inflated)

Load Capacity
Net Weight
PE Bag
25 pcs per CTN
Carton GW
Carton Size
40cm x 30cm x 27cm
Light valve
Small storage capacity
Tiny size with single chamber

Featuring a storage compartment, this tiny swim buoy is capable of storing up to 4kg of personal belongings, preferably for those who wish for a smaller swim buoy.
A single check valve prevents air from leaking out of the chamber. Push the lock to inflate and deflate.
A transparent plastic handle is used to attach the waist strap to the swim buoy.
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