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Who Are We?

Established in 2004, HoneyDryBag is a professional manufacturer, OEM & ODM supplier, wholesaler and exporter in triathlon, outdoor sports, and fitness industry. Our customers range from triathlon events hosts, trail running races hosts, sports clubs, training schools, swimming schools, e-commerce retailers, etc. We are specialized at customizations according to customers' demands.

our products

Our Products

We focus on products in the fields of triathlon, outdoor sports, and fitness. Our main products include swim buoys, swim shark fins, dry bags, aqua fitness bags, soft flasks, roll-top waterproof backpacks, silicone water bottles, and other related ones. We focus on businesses and organizations such as sports events hosts, training schools, sports clubs, e-commerce sellers, etc.

customization ability

Customization Ability

We have many customization options for private labels, e-commerce sellers, local shops, and sports events hosts to choose from. Customized logos, colors, materials, functions, packages help our customers sell better and build (maintain) a greater brand.
Take packaging for example. Beautiful packaging improves the appearance quality of products. Good packaging shows your brand ideas and stories by their quality, design, and content. Solid packaging helps protect products from rough handling, crash, falling, rain, etc.
Logo Options: Silk-screen/Digital Printing, Embroidery, Rubber Patch, Metal Label, etc.Package Options: PE/OPP/PVC Bag, Plastic Box, Paper Card Belt, Paper Card Sleeve, Paper box, or a combination of the above.

manufacturing ability

Production Ability

Efficiency is the primary aim of the system. It means being FAST and ACCURATE for us. Through SOP, ERP, QC, and R&D team in this system, our manufacturing stage runs efficiently. So we could continuously produce high-quality goods and deliver them to customers in time.
To timely produce the goods with high quality, we follow every step strictly in the Production Procedure Responsibility Instructor. To avoid systematic problems, we have detailed documentary rules between different departments from order confirmed to delivery. The irregular and regular inspection go along with the whole lifetime of the order.
We have an R&D team with 15 people that is in charge of product design and technical innovation. They do not only do overall artwork, function realization, drawing but also help improve the manufacturing process and avoid technical problems in advance. Every year, we publish many new product designs to the market, with new functions, new materials, new packages, new colors, and new improvements.
There are 150 skilled workers in our 20,000㎡ workshop, and the numbers are still growing. We also have stocked products of hot-selling models. Customers could lightly customize them and deliver them shortly.

quality control

Quality Control

We have a professional Quality Control Department to manage all the procedures of QC requirements throughout the production period. We have detailed requirements for each one to obey QC regulations, from the incoming of raw material to finished goods dispatching.
An exhaustive inspection report always costs a lot. But it's necessary to have our overseas customers know the quality of our products. From ten years ago, we built a trusty relationship with a professional inspection team to help provide the inspection report to our customers.
We mainly follow ANSI/ASQZ1.4 standard, sampling level II, AQL (acceptable quality level): critical 0, major 1.0, minor 2.5. The inspection report will note if the finished goods passed all the detected flaws, reject ratio, approved sample compare, detailed pictures, packaging check, function test, and all that.
All the inspection services are FREE for customers.

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